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Sarah began the rite, but was consumed.
Thou must complete it.

Delve into the dream of a dying town in 'Boreal Tenebrae' , a retro-style adventure with horror elements. 

Taking cues from the fixed-camera angle games of the PS1 era, and the dream logic of works like 'Yume Nikki', vignettes beget vignettes in this web of Trees and Streets.

Explore the interweaving narratives of a northern community, cast adrift in an increasingly urbanized world.

The town is sick,  anger seethes and builds like static in the signal. Will it navigate this sea of noise, or be washed away by the 'Degraded Wave'?

Solve the murder.

Find Sarah. 

Complete the ritual.

The truth is deeper still...


Music by guidewire:

Extra Info:

Controls: 'keyboard' (Controller)

Inspect - 'e' or (A)
Inventory - 'i' or (Y)
Run - 'shift' or - (LB)
Camera - 'c' or (RB)
Bat - 'f' or (X)
Skip Cutscene - 'space' or (Back)
Menu - 'esc' or (Start)

To Combine Items: Select first item in inventory, if it can combine with something the top dialogue box in the inventory will read ' Combine with what?'. then select the second item.

The game still has a few bugs, If you think you've found one,  or have a thought about the game you would like to share, feel free to contact us at: snotbubblesproduction@gmail.com

Updated 2 days ago
Release date 40 days ago
AuthorBoreal Tenebrae
Made withUnity, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Low-poly, Retro, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$3.00 CAD or more

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BOREAL_TENEBRAE_1.008_WIN_X32.zip 1,019 MB
BOREAL_TENEBRAE_1.010_WIN_X64.zip 1,021 MB

Development log


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Hi. In the future, would you translate the game into another language? Like French or Spanish.


Hi Solis, I have been contacted by a translation company, and it is definitely something I would like to do in the future!


But right now I am focusing on just getting as many buxfixes out as quickly as possible. 

what do i do if the character wont stop walking to the right when i start a game?

This happens every-time you start the game? Are you using a keyboard or a controller?

(1 edit)

keyboard, yeah. _update:_ i just tried unplugging my keyboard and it still happens

Fixed in latest update! Thank you :)

I'm really enjoying this game but I'm having major issues progressing :( My two save slots seem locked to two particular saves and no matter how many times I try to save over them I keep getting returned to the earlier saves.

Hi! I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue, I am publishing a new version of the game today that should solve it!

Thank you!

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Found the resolution decrease button (e)... :)

Hello! I can't open it on macOS Catalina.

Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention! we just published a new version that should fix this issue.

Ok that's weird I'm having the exact same issue with the new version.

[The application “Boreal_Tales_5_21_20 _MAC.app” can’t be opened.]

Hmm, Ok. I'll look into this some more, might be the version of Unity I'm building it on. I will get back to you on this, sorry for the bug

Will Linux support be coming?

Yes!, later this week!

Hey, are you still planning Linux for it? Thought it had it recently but now I don't see it.

Hi LiamD, I did  Export a linux build from Unity and had it up here for a bit, But since I didn't have a good way to test it and some users were running into issues with the MAC version I decided to take them offline until I find a way to do so. 

Awesome <3

Looking forward to it!


I am VERY impressed with this game. It brought me back NOT ONLY to the PS1 retro play but gave me a  "Life Is Strange" Vibe! AMAZING!! Video will be uploaded on my end for Monday! 

I commented on Steam as well ( i was sent a key ) I bought the game on itchio before then, though.

anywaysd, the resolution is all messed up, most of the screen is cutoff, and I can't adjust it


Hi TemmieNeko, thank you for the detailed note!
The latest build we released tonight should fix your issue. Thank you so much for playing!

This seems really cool!

I got stuck after talking to the tv-watchers in the woods, though. The character was just walking in place and no input responding, not even the menu or anything. Lost about an hours progress would have loved some autosaving :/

Thanks for playing! We will be implementing autosaving in the next build!


I had a great time with it! Click the pic to watch my video!

This game is legitimately interesting and has a lot of neat things.  I unfortunately ran into a pretty big bug at the end of the video that kept me from progressing.

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Thank you so much for playing! I really enjoyed your video :D